Within this audio portfolio you will find a collection of audio work that I have produced as a 4th year radio student. My first project of the year will be my participatory production in partnership with Upstart. During this, I will focus on a short audio documentary. I will then write the script for a drama play and create an audio book from a children's story. Read, listen, criticize and enjoy my portfolio for 2011.

Fictional Audio

For this section of the portfolio, I have written a drama script called "saved by the bell". The script is about a confident young footballer who looks set to have a successful career in the game. However, in a dramatic twist, he is diagnosed with glycoma, which turns him blind for the rest of his life. Click the attachment below to find out how he copes with this new development.


As part of my second project in this section, I adapted and narrated an audio book- Stories for Bedtime by Enid Blyton.

1. Mr Stamp About

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2. Mr Twiddle's Afternoon

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3. The Very Lucky Kite

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4. The Wind & the Seeds